Social Strategies To Boost Your Brand Relevance

Today's consumer is spending more time researching and purchasing online than ever before. They have complete access to product and price information. However, traditional forms of research are still very relevant to today's digital consumer. Particularly evident with big purchases, consumers still seek advice and recommendations from family and friends, ranking it very highly before making a purchase.

The rapid growth of social networks has allowed this common behavior to be performed online, giving brands unprecedented access to target their customers with precision like never before. Such is the relevance of a consumer's social network, that search engines now provide social data directly in their search results, such as Facebook "Likes" in Yahoo!/Bing search results, and most recently Google's "+1". This allows a consumer to tap into whatever their trusted friends think about a particular product or service and they can do it anywhere.

The rapidly changing geography of social networks certainly presents challenges to brands, but with the right strategy, it also presents an opportunity like never before. Not only can you reach your target customer with unparalleled precision, but you can connect with customers and provide a valuable exchange that encourages them to interact with and develop a relationship with you.

Opulence Media excels at analyzing digital consumer behavior. We target customers with the greatest relevance and understand what motivates them. We develop and implement proven strategies that bring them closer to your brand, allowing relationships to be forged and increasing the likeliness of converting that customer into a sale.