Mobile Devices

It is impossible to ignore the explosion of mobile devices in recent years. There are over 250,000,000 cell phones in the United States alone. Data is showing that more and more people are accessing the internet via a smartphone or tablet more then they are from their computer. With the success of the iPhone, the Android platfrom, iPads and other tablets hitting the market every day, we're provided with a new captive avenue for companies to communicate and interact with consumers.

Being such a new frontier, the mobile arena can be intimidating, and many companies lack a true understanding of how and where to place ads, what types of ads works on mobile devices, pricing for ads, and device compatibility. These common challenges keep most advertisers away from this rapidly growing market.

Opulence Media handles all aspects of reformatting pages, ad creation, and media buying for mobile devices for our clients. With our finger on the pulse, we ensure that we are continually providing our clients with the cutting edge technology to reach potential customers.