Not Just Advertising, Effective Advertising

With our extensive experience in working with the major search engines; Google, Yahoo/ Bing, Opulence Media is able to optimize existing accounts or create from scratch full campaigns to accommodate lead acquisition goals.

Before creating campaigns, the Opulence Media team does extensive industry and competitor research to truly understand the market. A typical campaign can include thousands of keywords and sites all in the pursuit of finding the right customer.

The initial creation of an ad campaign is followed up with extensive campaign monitoring and adjustments. With the ultimate goal being ROI for our clients, our team understands that anything less then excellence is simply not acceptable. Utilizing our experience and custom built technology, our team is able to accelerate campaign modifications and increase ROI.

In a recent campaign launched by the Opulence Media team, the cost to acquire a new customer was cut in half for three days in a row, all the while increasing the numbers of customers delivered to our client. That's impressive!