Media Buying

Advertisers are always searching for more opportunity to expand their campaigns and generate additional revenue in the online marketplace.

Traditionally, display advertising has been thought of more as a branding opportunity focusing on ad impressions, and not necessarily a direct response ROI. The goal for display has been to broaden reach and the measure of success has been number of impressions first, clicks second.

At Opulence Media, we manage display campaigns just as we manage our SEM campaigns ‚ as a powerful and highly measurable direct response medium. Our success is measured in conversions (sales or leads). Branding or awareness-building benefits are just an added bonus. Not all leads are created equal, which is why we strive to focus on providing quality leads to our partners.

Strategies such as search re-targeting, behavioral targeting, and geo targeting serve your ads to the most qualified customers. It's of the utmost importance that the traffic we generate is profitable for our advertisers, providing them with the highest possible ROI. Ongoing data analysis and making adjustments in real-time is what achieves these goals. Project management and design teams ensure consistent messaging, landing pages, and brand elements across multiple channels.